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What can be found on our site? Books, DVD video, and CD audio by pastors and staff at New Song Church and Ministries, Denver as well as John and Paula Sandford. Here you will find teachings by R. Loren Sandford and others on Christian life, Holy Spirit, ministry, prophecy, prophetic issues, revival and inner healing. Click on each book for a summary of content and basic reviews.

Where do the funds go? Every purchase helps support ministry to real people through NEW SONG CHURCH AND MINISTRIES in Denver, Colorado. Thank you for your generous support! Feel free to explore!

About Us: NEW SONG CHURCH AND MINISTRIES in Denver, Colorado, is located in Denver, Colorado. At our core we are a group of people bonded as one in pursuit of Christ-like character and anointing through intimacy with God. From our life together an ever growing collection of ministries to people and our community flows. Led by Senior Pastor R. Loren Sandford, we are in the flow of the worldwide renewal and revival currently being poured out by the Holy Spirit. We are non-denominational and our foundation is the revelation of the Father’s heart as revealed in Jesus, in His cross and in His resurrection, which determines every aspect of our ministry at every level.